About CRFS

CRFS provides solutions to detect, identify and geolocate anomalous signals in complex RF environments. This includes:

  • Malicious interference or jamming
  • Unauthorised use of licensed spectrum
  • Threats to national security or public safety
  • Bugging or breaches of secure facilities
  • Border and perimeter monitoring
  • Real-time military situational awareness
  • Training, planning and management for major scenarios and RF events

We are the technology and market leaders and our real-time distributed RF monitoring systems and solutions are known as RFeye®.

What makes CRFS and RFeye different?

  • We are agile and innovative
  • We partner with customers and provide custom solutions
  • We provide a unique combination of COTS products, system integration and development services
  • Our wideband receiver technology is outstanding
  • Our systems are rugged, SWaP optimised, networkable
  • Our hardware is paired with state-of-the-art analysis and visualisation tools
  • We offer the best value for money

We help our clients to see through the noise.