Designed from first principles

Rugged networkable node that can be deployed anywhere

Environmentally hardened with IP67 rating and extended temperature range designed for the harshest climatic conditions.

Small size, weight and power

Designed to minimise required infrastructure, for SWaP constrained applications.

Designed using commercial components

Important for COTS readiness and cost effectiveness.

Intelligence on the node

Enables extreme flexibility and ability for each network node to execute assigned missions and report back only the data of interest.

Request and response 'Node Control Protocol'

Allows user to task a network of nodes at high level and allow each individual node to respond according to its available resources.

Multi-user, multi-mission

Allows multiple users to connect simultaneously to any network node, as well as any user to simultaneously communicate with multiple nodes or to task any node(s) simultaneously with multiple missions.

Optimised for speed

Data formats optimised for efficient network speed enabling faster data update rates and higher probability of intercept. On-board intelligence and Node Control Protocol allow for optimum performance on limited bandwidth network connections.

Powerful API

Fully supported SDK available to encourage users to write own applications to run on the nodes.

Platform independent user interface

Web application framework allows user interface to be run on any PC, tablet or smartphone, including touch enabled.

Modular and scalable

Common hardware architecture and control protocol across product range ensure inter-operability and scalability of networks.

Networks of one to hundreds

Networking architecture allows a single node to be connected directly by cable to a laptop for spectrum analyzer mode or large networks of remote distributed nodes to be accessed from anywhere.

Plug and play deployment in multiple configurations

Node outdoor kits, DF arrays and battery-powered man-portable systems quick and easy to deploy and network.