Spectrum monitoring

Spectral displays, waterfalls, sweeps and time captures, masks, triggers and alarms, spectrum campaigns.


Overlay TDOA and POA heat maps and AOA vectors on 2D and 3D topographical displays, in real-time or post-event.

Analytics and Modelling

Signals classification and verification, pattern recognition, deep learning algorithms and spectrum-led intelligence.

Configuration and Control

Investigate and resolve with real-time user controlled interfaces. Fully autonomous intelligent data collection for long term background tasks.


Make sense of complex big data, reveal patterns and link with other information to reveal the big picture.

Multi-user multi-mission capability is key to the RFeye® philosophy, underpinning the entire product range and allowing the same spectrum monitoring assets to be deployed for diverse applications.

RFeye systems are fully exploited via powerful software platforms that allow intelligence to be extracted from very large data sets using state-of-the-art spectrum mapping and visualisation tools.