Node Apps

Node Apps are stand-alone embedded applications running on RFeye® Nodes providing 24/7, autonomous spectrum monitoring and capture for a wide range of spectrum operations.

Real-time Spectrum Monitoring

The CRFS embedded Node Control Protocol daemon (NCPd) serves up real-time spectrum data to the Apps for local processing on the deployed receiver Node providing a distributed, multi-mission capability on single or multiple Nodes within a spectrum monitoring network.


  • Runs on the RFeye Node
  • Multiple embedded Apps
  • Measurement and task options
  • Trigger-on-event capability


  • Logger
  • Recorder
  • Stations
  • Survey
  • Threshold


  • Stand-alone spectrum monitoring
  • Multi-mission capability
  • Wide application base
  • Automated captures & alarms

Main functions

  • Data collection & processing
  • Record raw data
  • Monitor power by frequency band
  • Check characteristics by frequency
  • Analyse power by frequency

Target systems

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