RFeye® Monitor is an integrated, fully configurable system for collecting and managing spectrum data using a network of widely distributed RFeye Nodes.

24/7 RF spectrum monitoring

Designed for national regulators and other spectrum stakeholders who require accurate data to support planning, enforcement and operational decision-making, RFeye Monitor enables 24/7 monitoring of the RF environment at up to 6 GHz (or 18 GHz with the RFeye BDC) providing up-to-the-minute spectrum usage, occupancy levels, events and violations as well as fully programmable alarms and campaigns.


  • Client server software model
  • Integrated web server
  • Multi-mission capability
  • User groups & access control
  • Import & export CSV files
  • Frequency masks & alarms


  • Autonomous Node operation
  • Access to database over IP
  • Run multiple campaigns
  • Manage access as needed
  • Compare license & usage data
  • Automated notification of events

Host system requirements

Operating system
CentOS 6.5
Ubuntu 14.04
AMD64 @ 2GHz minimum
AMD64 Quad core @ 3GHz
2GB or more
Hard disk space
2TB min, 4TB recommended

Target systems

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