Military Spectrum Operations

CRFS is the most agile innovator and provider of rugged COTS-based radio monitoring and geolocation solutions for military spectrum operations.

Our RFeye® systems include fixed, man-portable and vehicle-based systems for deployment on spectrum-critical sites such as ranges, proving grounds and bases, or in potential conflict areas such as those bordering hostile neighbours.

CRFS is recognised as best in class by several leading defence forces and our RFeye systems are widely deployed around the world. We are a long-term partner and work closely with forces to provide specific solutions. The RFeye’s well documented open architecture integrates well with existing systems protecting investment and adding value.

Our RFeye Nexus wideband receivers are the highest spec superheterodyne receivers currently available and are packaged as rugged ready-to-use systems for reliable operation in extremely tough environments. And our RFeye real-time and post-event mapping, analysis and visualisation software tools represent the current state of the art.

This combination of innovation, rugged high performance and open architecture provides outstanding value for money for military and security forces enabling:

  • Tactical and strategic intelligence from monitoring EM environment and spectrum usage
  • Efficient frequency planning and allocation on spectrum-critical sites
  • Military spectrum sharing with commercial users and fast conflict resolution
  • Real-time noise and interference management
  • Geolocation of rogue transmitters within complex high density spectrum environments
  • Effective communications, test, training, telemetry, command and control
  • Operations management in spectrum denied or constrained areas


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