Regulatory and Enforcement

CRFS is the leading provider of remote distributed real-time spectrum monitoring, TDOA and hybrid AOA/TDOA geolocation systems.

Our RFeye® range of fixed, portable and vehicle-based systems, paired with our mapping and analytical software tools, provide high performance, ITU-compliant monitoring for the digital age.

CRFS is agile and highly customer responsive and accustomed to working with spectrum agencies to develop distributed real-time monitoring solutions as part of a proactive regulatory and enforcement strategy.

RFeye gives spectrum managers:

  • Actionable data on the EM environment
  • Real-time management of deliberate and accidental interference
  • Automatic frequency validation and violation warnings
  • Spectrum event logging and alerts
  • Up-to-the-minute spectrum occupancy data
  • Detailed spectrum usage and occupancy mapping over time for compliance monitoring and trend analysis
  • Real-time spectrum-critical site monitoring
  • Wide area data collection

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