Security Monitoring

CRFS provides cost-effective distributed real-time radio monitoring solutions for both in-building and wide area coverage.

Our RFeye® systems use high performance receivers with exceptional sensitivity and sweep speed to ensure extremely high probability of signal intercept, including low power, transitory or frequency hopping signals. RFeye systems are designed to identify and alert on detection of security breaches and threats in complex and dense RF environments.

RFeye systems are autonomous, modular and scalable; designed for both indoor and outdoor use, including in remote and harsh environments.

Indoor deployments include government, military and security facilities, embassies, airports, sports or entertainment venues. Scale can range from a single area such as boardroom, to a whole multi-storey building or a stadium.

RFeye rugged outdoor systems are designed for wide area coverage such as unmanned borders, coastlines, harbours and large perimeters.

Connectivity is over wired or wireless IP networks and timing synchronisation for transmitter geolocation uses high accuracy GPS or our own proprietary SyncLinc wired system. Multiple buildings or locations can be managed and monitored from a network control centre. A simple interface for real-time security alarms and alerts for non-expert personnel and a power-user interface are available.

Capabilities include background masks and triggers, event logging, advanced signal classification and verification tools. These enable operators to identify and investigate potential threats in real time including:

  • Advanced frequency hopping detection
  • Detection and geolocation of covert wireless infiltration/exfiltration devices
  • Identification of rogue transmitters and jammers
  • Advanced signal classification and verification
  • Real-time alerts of potential security breaches
  • Autonomous wide area monitoring of unmanned borders, coastlines, harbours and large perimeters


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